Frequently Asked Questions
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How does it work? (Contractor)
Once you have cleared the screening process, go ahead and claim your listing and start adding as much information as you want to your profile. Your profile is your customer’s first impression of you so make sure to add your work history, expertise, credentials, photos, You Tube & Vimeo videos, link to your website & social media. That will help customers determine if you are a good match for their project. You can also create albums for different types of photos and every photo is automatically optimized for SEO. The user friendly platform allows you to make updates 24/7 by securely logging in to your profile.
How are bid requests handled?
From the contractor’s profile the customer sends a bid request that is sent directly to your email. That bid request only goes to you and is not shared with anyone else. You’ll be able to access past bid requests by logging in to your profile where they’re safely stored and manage your bid request directly with the customer to work out the details. Important: When a client reaches out and sends you a bid request it’s critical that you respond right away even if you can’t take on the project. By simply responding to their requests they’ll associate having a positive experience with your business and it will increase the likelihood they’ll consider you for future projects.

What does it cost?
First month includes the background screening then you only pay a flat monthly fee to actively list your business and unlike other services we don’t charge a % of the project.
Do I have to pay to get leads?
No! You never have to pay for Leads. With our user friendly system you can receive an unlimited amount of leads from homeowners, Commercial Property owners, Property Management companies or General contractors looking for your services.
How many leads should I expect?
We’re not in the business of selling or providing leads. We believe that quality bid requests are much more important than quantity. Consider your directory listing an extension of your business’s marketing and branding efforts. We invite you to create a professional profile that gets the attention of homeowners and General contractors that will want to do business with you. Don’t be shy about showing your expertise and showcasing your best photos!

How much visibility should I expect?
Our directory ranks well in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing which will help bring you more visitors to your listing and it comes equipped with an SEO structure to ensure your listing gets indexed quickly in all major search engines. The customers that will want to connect with you are serious, action-oriented property owners or general contractors that understand the importance of working with verified contractors. You’ll also receive a Membership Badge for you to include on all your website & email signature line to help promote and link to your listing.

Can I pay to boost my listing’s ranking?
Absolutely not. We promise our clients objectivity.
How can I boost my rankings?
The short answer: By demonstrating success. Create a professional profile and encourage your customers to review your work. Those are the two best ways to quickly boost your rankings. For long term success completing projects in your target neighborhoods and updating your profile to showcase them.
How do I get more reviews?
Once you have completed a project email your customer a Review invitation requesting them to provide you with satisfaction rating. Research has shown that customers consider reviews when trying to decide who they want to do business with.
Detailed Reporting?
Log in to your listing anytime to generate and view your easy to read statistic report in real time. This report will show you how many times and what days your business was viewed.
Can I be denied a listing?
We have a zero tolerance for uninsured and unlicensed contractors performing work. We take this very seriously and would consider this to be non-compliant. Contractors who do not pass a background check will also not be allowed to create a listing.
Long Term Contracts?
There are no long term contracts to join. Just a simple month to month. If at any time you no longer wish to get bid requests just let us know.
Help & Support?
Your success is ours, and we want to ensure you get the help you need when you need it. From the moment you’re ready to create your listing, you’ll gain access to our knowledgeable and friendly support staff who provide both e-mail and phone support. We’re happy to help and answer questions.