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Duplicate Suppression 

In today’s competitive marketplace, when it comes to information, people expect nothing less than precision—but that can be elusive when information about your brand appears in so many discrete destinations. By listing your company correctly across these networks, you’ll see drastic increases in web traffic, and leads. Sign up for Powerlistings Basic today to receive:

  • Listings in over 100 major search directories across the web.
  • Increased leads from customers interested in your service.
  • Consistent listing information across all major search channels.
  • More time on the job doing the work you love. 

Inaccurate, or inconsistent information, found in online search results are one of the most common online data problems plaguing small businesses and contractors today. These so-called “duplicates” confuse searchers and lowers your rank in search engines, causing you to lose real business. Sign up or Powerlistings to receive everything from Powerlistings Basic as well as:

  • Powerful tools to manage and delete duplicate listings across the web. 
  • Happier customers able to contact you easier.
  • Unified information across all networks, even if you have had multiple business locations, phone numbers, or changes.





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*A Physical Address is a PowerListing Requirement

In order to utilize the PowerListing feature, a company must provide a physical street address. Certain search engines in our network do not recognize PO Box’s as a valid address, and prevents your listing from being published.

Many customers will use the headquarters or home office of their business, even if customers do not visit them there.